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Three must-have equipments for home workouts

13 May 2021

In these trying times, staying at home is our best bet of coming out of this pandemic relatively unscathed. And if you have the privilege of choosing to stay home, and working out is a huge part of your day, then you might be looking for a few workout equipments to stock up on. Let’s delve into a few must-haves and why! While we explore these equipments, make sure you’re also stocked up on BioFrost to avoid any painful after effects of a heavy workout!


A relatively easy pick. Dumbbells are great for weight training, and depending on how experienced you are, or how much of a sweat you’re willing to work up, you can choose the weight of the dumbbells. Not just the ease of them, but also the flexibility of dumbbells make them a great equipment to own for your home gym/workout nook. Make sure you’re buying good quality dumbbells and a weight that you’re comfortable with. You can always upgrade on both quality and price, but do that later on. 


If dumbbells just don’t cut it for your weight training, a heavy kettlebell adds that to your fitness regimen. Kettlebells, just like dumbbells, are extremely versatile. You can use a kettlebell for squats, cleans, jerks, swing and more. It’s all about your mojo, flow and ultimate aim. And a kettlebell is versatile enough to be a part of multiple workouts with varying levels of difficulty. 

Resistance Bands

Working out at home is all about minimalism. Nobody wants clunky gym equipment lying around the house taking up valuable space. Hence, resistance bands! What might seem like a secondary gym equipment can actually be a primary focus of your workout. A resistance band can really work up the sweat depending on how resistant a band you’re working out with. Make sure you’ve got good quality bands, and you’re set for a proper workout from home without any crazy spending. Just be a bit more imaginative and focused!


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