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  • 4 in 10 Indians are insufficiently active.
    This includes nearly 50% women and more than 25% men.
  • About 70% Indians do not exercise regularly.
  • Fewer than 10% Indians are serious about fitness.

At the centre of these concerning statistics, lies pain.

Most Indians are put off by the idea of exercise because they dread the pain that follows a workout. By eliminating pain and acting as a catalyst, BioFrost breaks a mental barrier, improves your performance, and helps you stay more active.

We’re here to be reliable partners of your fitness journey. We’re here to help you stay on the top of your game — always.

BioFrost is the brainchild of three young, sports-loving, 4th generation members of a 75 year old pharma company. The product was inspired by a novel recovery regime of some of the top global athletes — Cryotherapy.

For a hot country like India, applying heat-based ointments to recover from pain is counterproductive. Instead, you need a product that helps you cool the pain. A product that uses numbing and cold therapy to boost muscle recovery. In a nutshell, in order to do more, you need a product that does more for you.

Backed by science, and trusted by professionals, that’s exactly what BioFrost does.

Do more.
Be more.

A result of painstaking research, BioFrost is your pain management solution on the go. It provides instant relief from soreness and pain to help you successfully lead an active lifestyle, push your boundaries, and stay limitless, each day.

Odourless. Non-oily. Diclofenac-free. Made using 5 natural extracts. Easy to use. Revolutionary.

It’s everything it says it is.


The Founders


Jay Thakker

Jay is a sports fanatic who cares about recovery and pain management as much as the sport itself. As a teenager, he suffered from multiple ligament injuries and therefore, associates very closely with muscle pain relief. He has an MBA degree from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, and aspires to see an active India that loves sports. With the help of BioFrost, he has embarked on a journey to turn that dream into a reality.


Ekta Thakker

A Finance and Risk Management Graduate from Ohio State University, Ekta is a fitness freak and a gym rat. Her relationship with fitness goes back to her teenage years where she played volleyball, hockey and badminton for her school. Her love for fitness, sports and activity continues to this day, and with BioFrost, she aspires to revolutionise the way pain management is perceived in India.


Kanav Thakker

A Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering graduate from UC Berkeley, Kanav comes armed with a vast research experience in Polymer Science & Biotech. He’s an avid football player, skier, an adventure & extreme sports enthusiast, and as a result, has played an instrumental role in the creation of BioFrost!