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Natural Extracts


Boswellia Carterii Resin Extract


Mentha Arvensis Extract

Camellia Sinensis

Green Tea Extract


Aloe Vera Extract


Calendula Officianalis Extract


Curcumin Longa Extract

Camellia Sinensis

White Tea Extract


Juniper Berry Extract

It's effective. It's better.


No strong smells. No stench. No reek. Apply it any time of the day, no matter where you are.


Water based and non-greasy. Ensures you don’t stain your clothes, or your bed.


Your new workout partner.

Easy to carry, easier to use.

Instant Relief

Feel the cooling sensation within seconds. Provides rapid and long lasting numbing of pain.


No artificial substances.

Made using 5 natural extracts.


No side-effects and no harmful chemicals. Just effective pain-relief.

Why do you need
Cold Therapy?

Why do
you need
Cold Therapy?

A revolutionary technique that uses Low-temperatures to manage and combat your pain

Why do you need
Cold Therapy?

Why do
you need
Cold Therapy?

Give pain the cold shoulder

Boosts Muscle Recovery
Improves Joint Mobility
Reduces Muscle Inflammation & Fatigue
Reduces Nerve Activity

Why do you need
Cold Therapy?

Why do
you need
Cold Therapy?

Cold helps where heat can’t. Do more, be more, with BioFrost.

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Quote Icon BioFrost gives me a cooling sensation that numbs my pain instantly. Unlike other ointments, it doesn’t burn at all. It’s so easy to apply as well! Quote Icon

Quote Icon BioFrost has helped my battle with post-workout fatigue and pain. I never thought I’d find a solution so I accepted pain as a part of my life. Now, all I need to do is apply it 2-3 times a day and bid the pain goodbye! Quote Icon

Quote Icon I usually have pain due to tiredness. But with BioFrost, both the pain and the fatigue vanish overnight, helping me make the most of everyday! Quote Icon

Quote Icon I always have it on me, because it’s so easy to carry and so easy to use. It provides instant relief — and has become my workout buddy! Quote Icon

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