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The Evolution of Pain Management

10 August 2020

Even before electricity was discovered, medicine existed. In countries like India, medicine was made from naturally found herbs and leaves. This proved effective for many sources of pain but however, not for all of them. As time progressed, science and technology also made leaps and bounds. Yet, the acceptance of pain management took quite some time. 

As late as the 19th century, doctors used anesthetics only for those patients who had to go through surgery and even then, the anesthesia was not strong enough. Up until that point, they thought that those suffering from pain could bear it but as time passed, they started to learn that this was not true. As such, measures of pain relief were provided to more people but not to a great extent. 

Soon thereafter, pharmaceutical companies came out with pills that did get rid of the pain but were highly addictive to such a high limit that quite often it led to death. However, corporate greed was prioritised over health care and for roughly two decades such practices went on. Fortunately, seeing the growing danger of these chemically produced pills, the public woke up and took strong action against them. 

In this millennium, there have been newer methods of pain management. Ranging from Reiki to OTC pain killers, there are various ways in which one can manage their pain. Over the past few years there have been a variety of new innovations. Now, they are easy to apply and made specifically keeping your troubles in mind. BioFrost pain relief products are based on the principles of cryotherapy. They are made from the extracts of natural ingredients and are odour-free as well, aimed to provide instant relief. 

Learning from the past and making the best use of it for the future, pain management techniques have greatly improved making our lives much easier!


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