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Reasons to Include Cross Training in Your Work-out Routine

29 August 2020

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the term ‘Cross Training’ before. When someone says they’ve done a bit of cross training at the gym, you get a bit impressed because it sounds fancy, but deep down you might be a bit confused about what it means. Well, we’re here to clear that up for you. 

Cross training involves the combinations of various exercise regimes that makes you use your whole body. Cross training mostly involves cardio exercises, flexibility exercises and a lot of strength defining exercises. The best part of cross training is that it involves almost all of your muscles in the activity.

To begin a cross training cycle, you start by making a table of the different activities you’ll do every day. The best hack is to YouTube a number of cross training exercises so you can plan your chart accordingly. Some of the simplest and most effective cross training exercises are Pilates, skipping with a rope and swimming. They’re perfect for weight loss, flexibility, strength defining, muscle bulking and believe it or not - they even reduce anxiety. Cross training exercises are perfect alternatives to boring routine-based workouts at the gym. Not just that; cross training sessions at the gym even make the scenario a very social one, so you’re always motivated when you see people around you being able to do it.

Getting to the most important part, cross training helps protect you from injuries. When you’re working on the same muscles repeatedly, without sufficient rest, it results in them getting fatigued, sprained and eventually, injured. When you’re involved in cross training workouts, a lot of different muscles are getting involved everyday, so while a few muscles are getting stronger, the others are getting sufficient rest. Even when your muscles are injured, you’re advised to take rest and apply topical analgesics like BioFrost cold therapy products. They’re really good to reduce the pain and get your muscles up and running again by boosting recovery and increasing mobility.


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