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Pain Management from Home

15 August 2020

The term ‘Work From Home’ has become a part of our daily vocabulary. It entails doing everything we did at work along with household chores, and managing family time. This new normal routine has made us our lives stressful and susceptible to everyday aches and pains. Here are some tips that could be useful in dealing with pain while you’re spending most of your time indoors.

Tip #1: Find some time during the day for practising yoga or even a series of stretches. There are a lot of routines available online which are easy to follow and overall the process proves quite beneficial. Our muscles get stretched, minds get rejuvenated and the body is refreshed for the day's work.

Tip #2: At home, you’re constantly on your laptop working or reconnecting with friends through your phone. Everything from coordination to relaxation now comes through a screen. Along with this, you also must have received an unwanted gift in the form of eye sores. Working from home has also made us a bit laid back. Lying down and working or sitting in an uncomfortable position on the sofa can cause certain posture related pains too. You can spend time doing eye and neck exercises to overcome these small or persistent forms of pain. 

Tip #3: Last but not least while all of the above steps are quite helpful there are certain aches and pains that just require external help. Such aches and pains include sleeping in the wrong position after effects of intense workout or even pains from illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis. Putting the Gate Control Pain Theory into practice, BioFrost products exemplify the science of cryotherapy and through their various odour free products you can get instant relief from pain.  

Take the first step in managing pain better, one tip at a time!


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