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Mental health benefits of doing exercise

15 September 2020

There is no bar in exploring how important exercise is for our health and well-being. Regular physical activity boosts your endurance and improves your muscle strength. Exercise helps the cardiovascular system work more efficiently and delivers nutrients to the tissues. But there is one lesser known and highly beneficial effect of exercise; which is on our mental health. 

While exploring the correlation between physical and mental health, researchers state that Psychologists have been very slow in accepting exercise as an effective solution for mental health conditions. A lot of mental health conditions are connected with reduction in formation of neurons in the hippocampus, an area of our brain involved in learning, emotional regulation and memory. A major part of ill mental health is related to cognitive inflexibility which means not being able to acknowledge or process information or repeating unhelpful behaviour.

Studies suggest that physical exercise results in creation of new hippocampal neurons. 

  1. Depression and Exercise: A study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that walking for an hour or running for 15 minutes in a day reduces major depression risk by 26%. It promotes new activity patterns and neural growth.
  2. Anxiety and Exercise: An effective and natural anti-anxiety treatment is exercise. Through the release of endorphins, exercise boosts physical and mental energy, relieves tension and stress. 
  3. ADHD and Exercise: Physical activity boosts brain’s serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine levels which affects mood, memory, concentration and thus reducing the symptoms of ADHD.
  4. Stress and Exercise: Sometimes when you’re under stress, your body feels different. Muscles around your neck, shoulder or back might become tense along with sensations of heartburn, stomachache, even insomnia.
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