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Is Cryotherapy effective?

20 February 2020

Immersing yourself into a cold chamber to recover from athletic injuries may sound a little odd but trust us when we say that it is exactly what people are doing around the world to recover faster. The process is called Cryotherapy – which literally means cold therapy. A growing trend in spas and wellness centers, Cryotherapy is a technique where an individual’s body is exposed to freezing or near freezing temperatures for about 3-5 minutes in order to recuperate from an injury. This technique helps to numb the pain so that the person can perform their day-to-day tasks without any interruptions caused due to, let’s say, muscle cramps, for example. Furthermore, Cryotherapy has multiple other benefits as well, like reducing arthritic pain.

Now it's certain that a ‘whole body’ cryotherapy session is not everyone’s cup of tea. To be honest, it’s not possible for the average Joe to stop what they’re doing and jump into a chamber. But what is possible, is using something like ice gels, that have been built on the principles of the famed technique.

Ice gels, when applied to the area that needs attention, replicate the cooling sensation of Cold Therapy, helping you numb the pain. The hero here, of course, is the Pain Gate Theory. This is how it works: You feel pain when your brain receives the signal from your spine through the receptors. The cold sensation blocks these signals so that you don’t feel the pain anymore. In more severe cases, the level of pain is significantly reduced. May it be an ankle sprain or a muscle cramp, just apply it to the area where it hurts and it will do wonders. In case you work a sedentary job, it’s also effective for lower back pain relief as a majority of us spend most of our time sitting on a desk.

If an ice gel doesn’t do it for you, Biofrost has a bunch of products that will help you with your pain. Find the one that works best for you here:


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