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Easy ways to handle and avoid neck pain

24 August 2020

Neck pain is something that all of us go through, at some point in our lives. Our neck supports a head that weighs approximately 7 kgs. So, imagine walking around carrying something that weighs so much, all day. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that our neck gets sore or strained every once in a while. However, a few activities trigger the pain and increase it while there are some simple ways to prevent that pain. 

When in bed, it is recommended to use a comfortable pillow that keeps the alignment between your spine and your neck even. It prevents tightening of the neck muscles and instead aids relaxation. While watching television, it’s advisable to sit in an upright position so as to prevent strain on your spine which is connected to your neck muscles. Lying in awkward angles creates strain not only on your back, but also on your neck muscles. 

Don’t lie in your bed for too long. Make sure you get up periodically to move your muscles. Being stationary causes stiffness and strains your muscles.

The first thing people usually do after waking up is brush their teeth. Here’s a small hack recommended and followed by experts. When you wake up, sit upright on the bed, stretch your neck muscles in different directions. The most common exercise followed is rotating your head in a clockwise direction first and an anti-clockwise direction second. Doing that prevents muscle stiffness and you go on to have a comfortable day. It’s also advisable to avoid stress as much as possible. Believe it or not, one of the many disadvantages of stress is muscle stiffness. It is highly recommended to avoid stressful calls when you’re about to stay stationary for a long time (like when you’re about to go to bed). 

Treatment for neck muscle and other minor muscle injuries involve rest and the use of cold therapy. BioFrost cold therapy products are known to show instant results without any side-effects. At times, serious injuries require the supervision of a physiotherapist.


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