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Don’t forget to take a break

3 June 2021

We’ve all heard or read the phrase “unprecedented times” on numerous occasions, and in multiple contexts. The truth is that these really are “unprecedented times.” We’re all isolated, masked up and trying to live in a bubble. And within this bubble, we tend to not give ourselves any time to think, or even breathe. The constant cycle of working, eating, working, sleeping, and eating can give us a sense of routine, but it’s doing more harm than good. 

We need to understand the importance of taking a break every now and then. Don't take a break and go on a vacation, please don’t do that. Stay home! But taking a break everyday from your everyday work. What you do in that break is your call. Whether you want to blast on some music and dance your heart out, or drink a cup of tea while staring at the setting sun - that break has to bring a smile to your face, and a sense of calm to your mind. If you’re planning to dance a lot or do a quick workout, make sure you’re stocked up on BioFrost to make sure your calming break isn’t followed by body ache! 

Taking a break isn’t a sign of tiredness or weakness; it’s a necessary habit to keep yourself fresh. Yes, there’ll be days where you won’t feel the need to take a break, and there’ll be days where the entire day will feel like a break. And that’s alright. It’s alright to just take a step back and understand what your body and mind are demanding, and agree to those demands. In this cycle of working, eating, sleeping, stressing about the world, and working more, don’t forget to listen to your body and mind. Don’t forget to take a break.


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