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Dealing with Muscle Strains

31 July 2020

Muscle strains, often referred to as ‘pulled muscle’, can either be a minor annoyance for a few days or can be extremely painful for months. It involves the partial or complete tear of a muscle or a tendon. Tendons are extremely strong elastic bands that connect our bones and muscles together. The worst part about muscle strains is that you’re never really ready for them. Often you can feel a sting instantly. On some rare occasions, it might take a few minutes to feel a strain in the injured area. They usually take place in the upper thigh, arms, lower and upper back, abdomen and often the shoulders. These injuries usually occur as a result of overstraining of muscles, overtraining, lack of rest, incorrect work-out methods and lifting too heavy (especially without practice). 

They’re also common among old people and people with prior encounters with muscle injuries. The treatment depends on how serious the muscle strain is. It can be checked with the help of CT scans, X-Rays, MRI scans, and other methods suggested by physiotherapists. 

However, here are some common methods on dealing with muscle strains.

Rest – This is the most important step in most injuries. As the famous saying goes – ‘Time will heal everything’. It has never been more accurate for muscle strains. Muscles and tendons need rest for them to heal and redevelop. The number of days of rest depends on the seriousness of the injury. 

Cold Therapy – Cold Therapy has become quite popular in the treatment of these injuries. It involves using cold gels, ice packs, cold sprays, and immersing yourself in an ice tub. They not only improve your blood circulation, they’re also scientifically proven to help reduce muscle inflammation and that is a HUGE advantage for muscle strains. BioFrost offers India’s first range of cold therapy-based products. The products are known for helping with instant relief without any side-effects.

Surgery – This is only required for severe cases and cases that require treatment as soon as possible. Once surgery is done, after a few days of rest, a variety of exercises are recommended by physiotherapists to help your muscles get you up and running again. 

These were a few important points on dealing with strains. You can get detailed information on muscle strains by consulting experts.


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