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Cold Therapy: A Lasting Pain Relief Solution for Osteoporosis

27 July 2020

Try and recollect those school days where you learnt about thousands of old red blood cells dying and new ones taking its place on a daily basis. When you’re young the number is in the millions but as you age, the number slowly reduces until the point where old cells die faster than newer ones are produced. However, red blood cells aren’t the only ones to do so. Even the bones in your body undergo a similar process. 

When there is less bone growth or excess bone decay, or both, such a condition is called Osteoporosis. A condition which too many people are unfortunately familiar with. They’re also all too familiar with the unavoidable pain that accompanies this illness. While there is no cure currently available, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get some relief from the pain. 

Reflect back on the time when you sprained or fractured one of your limbs. Over time, that would get resolved and you would be back to tip-top shape. With osteoporosis, this process would take much longer and hurt even more. Even smaller injuries like improper posture, back or neck pain causes a significant amount of pain. 

A solution to getting rid of this agony lies in cold therapy. Cold therapy has been used for centuries in various forms such as ice packs, ice baths and is often even used by professional sports players directly after a game. BioFrost products are the first of their kind in India and have proven to be quite effective for pain relief. They are easy to use, odour-free and made using the extracts of natural ingredients. 

Cold therapy reduces inflammation and blocks those receptors which send pain signals to the brain. You may feel the coolness on the injured area but that’s all you’ll feel. The pain quickly goes away and it remains like that for quite a while. 

There’s no need to suffer anymore even for the smallest of aches!


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