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BioFrost conducted a consumer study on the effect of Cold Therapy on pain. Here’s what we found

19 June 2020

Conducting a consumer study helped BioFrost understand a consumer’s take-away from the product. Various parameters helped us identify the effect, effectiveness, and the likeability of the product. At BioFrost, we wanted to create a product that’s not just backed by science, but also walks the talk and helps people deal with pain the right way.

We decided to pick a wide range of experts and consumers to conduct this study.

Consumers are the active users of pain-relief products.

Experts are specialists in the pain universe.

A mix of the two helped us understand the different categories of people and their interaction with pain and pain relief products.

The study further categorised these people based on the workout regime they follow. Pain is an integral part of working and our product helps individuals deal with pain. Therefore, we asked them about their experience with heat-based products while introducing them to cold therapy.

1. The ones who follow a high intensity workout. 

People who workout all 7 days of the week have a high pain threshold. They prefer stretching out the soreness and refuse to use any product in the initial stages. However, they always look out for the products that can provide instant relief and boost healing. 

We introduced them to cold therapy  – and here’s what one of the trainers had to say.

“Often, heat will worsen injuries. Cold will help you to heal and recover quickly, which is why a lot of athletes take ice baths after training. For muscle pains, the cooling effect helps a lot.” 

2. The ones who follow a moderate intensity workout.

People who workout 5 days of the week understand that pain is a part and parcel of getting fit. To be on-the-go, these individuals typically take precautionary measures and don’t let the pain build up. They require immediate solutions for their soreness and use them repeatedly.

We introduced them to cold therapy and here’s what one of them said.

“In case of  an injury or muscle soreness, cold therapy comes to the rescue. You’re in pain because of inflammation or swelling. You shouldn’t apply heat-based products as it does little to nothing to soothe the inflammation. Cold therapy can actually reduce inflammation and relieve pain.”

3. The ones who follow a low intensity workout

People who workout 3-4 days of the week don’t follow any particular routine but actively take steps to remain fit. Since they are not regular, they often experience soreness due to a wrong form or DOMS. They make it a point to stretch post workout and use a pain-relief gel too. We introduced them to cold therapy and here’s what one of them felt.

“I used to apply a heat-based product after coming home from my Zumba class. Having tried BioFrost, I now feel that cold therapy is more effective.”

We introduced our product to people from all categories and tried to understand their response towards the usage, fragrance, appearance, and effect of BioFrost. This was their response.

“There is no stickiness and no foul smell, which is good.”

“It has a longer cooling effect than most products I’ve been using.” 

“It’s nice and not numbingly cold. It’s perfect for me.”

BioFrost leaves a cooling sensation that brings immediate relief after application. A lot of the people we spoke to mentioned that they don’t like the strong fragrance that follows after applying other pain-relief products. Heat-based products also created a hot, burning effect which was aggravated during this warm weather. People prefered the cooling effect of BioFrost over heat. BioFrost, being odourless, water-based, stain-free and completely natural, helped the users apply it without any fear – anytime, anywhere.

These inferences along with a thorough analysis led to BioFrost launching India’s first range of Cold Therapy products. Use the revolutionary product based on the principles of Cryotherapy today, and change the way you deal with pain – forever!

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