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As working from home continues, here’s how you can stay healthy

2 February 2021

What started out as a change from your regular routine, has slowly but surely become the new normal. Working from home was once a concept too good to be true, but more and more organisations have stood and taken note of its importance, especially in a pandemic-stricken world. While this new, but yet so familiar, form of work has its well-documented advantages, we must also remember and address its shortcomings. Waking up, getting ready for work and heading out for a commute has its own ironic charm, but also its own advantages. The sense of routine, and more importantly, the everyday activity of getting up, staying fairly active and socialising. With work from home, comes a sense of (much-needed for some) isolation, but also, inertia. So, let’s explore how you can continue to stay fit through this new era of staying home, and working hard.

1) Take. Regular. Breaks.
The importance of consistent breaks while working from home can not be overstated.  It’s common to get lost in your own world, especially when you don’t have an annoying colleague to get you off your chair for that all-important chai break. Whether you drink your favourite beverage or not, make sure you’re looking away from the screen, taking deep breaths, and stretching. Sitting at the same place for hours without a break can cause long-lasting pain to your back, neck and shoulders. So, also make sure that you are stocked up on BioFrost.

2) Set a routine, and follow it
Imitate your “other” life. Have a routine, and follow it to the dot. That helps your mind stay focused. This routine should include everything, your meals, your working hours, your breaks and more importantly, your “me time.” Cut off from the world, read a book, play a game of FIFA, do some yoga, or head out for a run. If you have access to the gym, then make sure you’re regularly working out. Plan your weekends too, so that you don’t have to reset yourself every Monday. 

3) Make sure your posture is right
Another problem with working from home is the lack of proper equipment for some. If you can’t invest in a chair with proper lumbar support and a study table, make sure you’re always keeping a check on your posture. Again, wrong posture can affect you for the rest of your life. Constant back, shoulder and joint pain can also derail your concentration and mood. You also can’t go wrong with BioFrost. Make sure you apply either the gel, spray or the roll-on proactively to avoid any serious pain. 


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