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4 Everyday Activities That Are Hurting Your Muscles

19 October 2020

Humans put their body through a lot, whether consciously or subconsciously. While some of us are lucky enough to get by without causing our bodies too much stress, the rest of us suffer from unexplainable muscle soreness and body aches without really understanding why. The reasons for which might be a little more obvious than we’d thought. 

1. Holding your smartphone 24/7

Hand specialists have admitted there’s been a spike in cases of people seeking help for hand or wrist pains caused by holding phones for long periods of time. Constant texting can also affect the tendons in your thumb and wrist, thus leading to inflammation and pain. The best solution for pain in your thumb, elbow and wrist is to take a break from such activities for a while, which will stop the pain from aggravating. That’s right, put your phone down every once in a while. 

2. Sitting posture

This is the biggest problem the human body faces on a daily basis without us even realizing. If you’re facing back pains while sitting then it’s possible that a bad sitting posture like slouching or hunching your shoulders is what’s triggering it. The most obvious solution would be to improve your posture by keeping your back straighter, not being seated for long periods of time and experimenting with standing desks that’s ergonomically designed. 

3. Sleep cycle

Studies show that improper sleep cycles can have a direct impact on your body pains. Sleep deprivation reduces our body’s tolerance level, thus making it more sensitive to body aches. Again, the most effective solution for this kind of pain would be improving your sleep cycle and getting a healthy 8 hours of sleep. Consider upgrading your sleeping gear like your mattress (firm, but not too firm) and pillows that will help with improving your sleep posture as well. 

4. Using bad footwear

The wrong kind of footwear like ill-fitting shoes or ones with a very high heel can wreak havoc on your spine and knee joints. Continued use of such footwear will only lead to more problems in the long run. Small solutions like alternating between heels and flats, opting for shorter heels and buying the right fitting shoes can help with the problem of back/body pains caused due to footwear. 

An effective pain management technique in our day to day lives is the use of ice packs, which might be handy, but is equally messy. BioFrost cold therapy products on the other hand offer instant pain relief on the go, with none of the messiness or side-effects. So the next time you wake up with mysteriously stiff muscles or a body ache, give our trusty cold therapy treatment a try! 


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