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4 Damaging Effects of Bad Posture

21 December 2020

In this era of ‘work from home’, most of us are spending long hours in front of computers. While the time spent on computers might be the same from before, the way we spend that time surely isn’t. A workplace has proper tables and chairs that make it easier to have a favourable posture. However, at home, not everyone has the luxury of a proper study table and a chair with optimal lumbar support. This results in awkward postures, irregular breaks due to the amount of work and an oversight of what’s good for your body and what isn’t. Let’s look at a few harmful and long lasting side-effects of bad posture.

Growing shoulder, back and neck pain
When working in front of a computer without a suitable table and chair, it usually leads to painful shoulders, back and neck because you end up slouching for hours on end. While the pain might seem “manageable” in the beginning, it can grow into serious issues that last a long time, even longer than this pandemic. Hence, it becomes paramount that you fix your posture, and keep BioFrost handy. Its natural extracts and cold therapy result in instant pain relief without the harmful side-effects of heat-based products!

Poor digestion
Again, it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to stop yourself from slouching while working. When you’re at a workplace, you have people around you to check your posture and most of the time, they remind you to sit up straight. However, that is lost at home, unless you’re extremely diligent. Due to slouching for long hours for days and months, you compress your abdominal organs, including the digestive tract. This can affect your metabolism and result in poor digestion.

Constriction of nerves
Adopting a poor posture for a long period of time can have detrimental effects on your nerves. If you slouch or sit in a poor posture, it can force your spine and other bones to shift positions. This happens because your skeletal system comes in contact with your other nerves, causing an effect of a pinch. These pinched nerves can cause severe back and neck pain. What’s worse is that these nerves can cause pain in seemingly unrelated areas of the body.

Wrong curvatures in the spine
When talking about an upright spine, it doesn’t mean that the spine is entirely straight. The spine has some very important curvatures in the neck, lower back and upper-to-mid-back. However, a longstanding adoption of bad posture can distort these curves. Bad posture puts extremely high pressure on the spine, resulting in these natural curves getting distorted. These forced distortions can cause a huge variety of issues.


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