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3 important post-workout habits to follow

9 February 2021

The pandemic has made all of us open our eyes to the importance of exercising. A lot of people took to working out at home in the beginning and then have slowly moved on to working out at gyms. While working out, and working out regularly is extremely important, what you do before and after the workout is just as important as well. Let’s take a look at a few important practices to follow AFTER you’ve just sweat it out at the gym, or home. 

  1. Stay hydrated
    This is extremely important but often undervalued. Rehydration after working out is absolutely essential, especially after an intense workout where you’ve sweat a lot. Drink at least 500 ml of water soon after your workout. If water isn’t your thing, then whatever healthy drink floats your boat. Be it coconut water, green tea, sugar free drinks or something else. Just make sure that you’re avoiding sugary drinks like soft drinks, packaged juices etc. It is imperative that you replenish your fluids, as that helps build muscle flexibility, overall strength, and even prevents muscle soreness.
  2. Use BioFrost
    After every workout, run or any physically demanding activity, make sure you’re proactive about dealing with pain. So many times, we first experience pain in our joints or muscles and then find a way to fix it. With BioFrost and its cold therapy-backed products, you get to proactively manage pain. What’s even better? It’s completely odour less, so you can use it at any point without the risk of making some heads turn (in all kinds of wrong and smelly ways). Chuck all the heat-based products from your closet and stock up on BioFrost!
  3. When in doubt, stretch it out
    It’s important to cool down after an intense workout. Contrary to popular belief, just lying down doesn’t help your cause. Do light and static stretching. In fact, stretching also helps with joint mobility. Remember, this isn’t like the stretches you do before a workout. In your post-workout stretching, hold your stretches for at least 15 seconds. It’s also proven that muscles are best stretched when warm, so going from an intense workout to a static position does you no good.


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