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BioFrost Pain Relief Kit

  • 3 Products - 1 Kit - Complete Pain Management
  • Includes BioFrost Gel (100 gm), BioFrost Roll-On , and BioFrost Spray
  • Easy to apply on tough spots
  • Provides instant relief
  • 100% Natural, Water-based, Odourless, and Non-oily
  • Diclofenac free
  • An effective alternative to oral painkillers
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1 in 5 people in the
world suffer from pain

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More than 70% of people will experience some form of neck pain in their life.

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50% people with shoulder issues report recurring shoulder pain.

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Back pain is the single leading cause of people missing work worldwide.

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90% of Indians have damaged knee joints by the age of 40.

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Ankle sprains are the most under-reported and self -treated Injuries in the world.

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Frequent computer users will experience wrist pain at least once in their lifetime.

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A majority of arm injuries occur at home. Only 16% are sports-related.

Managing your pain is now a breeze with BioFrost: India's first range of

Cold Therapy products.