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BioFrost Instant Pain Relief Spray | Advanced Cold Therapy Formula | Pack of 2 | 100 Ml

Natural | Effective | Painkiller | Muscle relaxants

100% Natural - Water based, non-oily and odourless
360 degree pump, can apply holding upside down
Easy to reach tough spots
Non-aerosol spray

Product Details



Your search for the most reliable pain relief spray ends right here at BioFrost’s 100% natural, water-based, non-oily and odourless spray. It comes with a 360-degree pump, which means it can be applied holding upside down. This super effective alternative to oral painkillers is a must-have in every household, thanks to its instant relief properties. An ideal companion on your fitness journey, the BioFrost spray is the best pain relief spray that not only eliminates pain and improves your performance but also helps you stay active.

How to use

  • Shake Well
  • Hold Upright or Inverted
  • Spray Evenly
  • Repeat as Needed
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight
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Managing your pain is now a breeze with BioFrost: India's first range of

Cold Therapy products.